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Babylon 5 Answers by JMS

ANNOUNCING the Babylon 5 JMS answers collection, available for ftp as "b5_jms_answers.txt" from (preferred) or (slower) in the Babylon-5 directory.

From the text introduction:

Babylon 5 Answers & Info - 1/26/94 - B5-JMS-answers.txt

This document contains a selection of actual quotes by J.Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5, during his tenure online while the show's pilot and series was in production.

This text, as organized, is intended to be read by people who are recently getting into Babylon 5, who have read the FAQ, and want to know more. Plus, there are some fun tidbits you may have missed the first time around. For a background history of the "universe" of B5, you will want to read the Babylon 5 Grid Epsilon Log as well. If you want a _complete_ historical view of the creation of the pilot and the show, go and read all the JMS archives.

Some aspects of the document will probably fade away, as the characters or situations hinted at actually hit the airwaves; the need for the document may fade away once the 1st season is underway and the episode guides are around.

The text here is a selection of some of JMS's stories, answers to questions (paraphrased here), and general remarks. They are organized as simply as possible, dashes separating followup remarks. WARNING: JMS tends to drop interesting "tidbits" throughout his text--no real spoilers, since those he's keeping classified--but if you don't want any hints at all, read no further.

Joe is online frequently, and there are a lot of people online who are familiar with the B5 universe, but there's no point asking a question that has been asked before. To make it easier to find an answer to a question, you can search by keyword for the topic in which you are interested. Simply search for a word (singular, not plural) preceeded by the "~" mark. For example, to read all the articles about Ambassador Delenn, search for "~delenn". [Index words are always lowercase, with occasional hyphenations for multi-word terms, like "~twin-peaks", and apostrophies, like "~g'kar".] An index of all keywords can be found at the END of this document.

If the topic you are looking for is not here, it is probably because I couldn't find anything recent and substantive to place there. Or maybe your question is specific to a recently-aired episode, not Babylon 5 in general. Check out recently posted questions and answers on the news group, or the Grid Epsilon Log for descriptions of characters, races, etc. that had been introduced in the pilot.

The information in here, though it at one point came from the fingers of JMS, MAY NO LONGER BE CORRECT. Remember, a lot of this was written when the series was supposed to start after the pilot, so there have been a lot of changes. There are original typos here, and potentially confusing lead-ins to some answers, since these are quoted from responses to other people. Paraphrase questions are the best guesses at what was actually asked.

This document contains material Copyright 1992, 1993, 1994 by J. Michael Straczynski. He has given permission for his words to be redistributed online, as long as they are marked as being copyright JMS.

This document is being maintained by dan wood <>, and may or may not be updated. Thanks to David "jazz" Navas, Elana Beach, and Kyle Haight for their assistance on this draft. Comments and additions encouraged.

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