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Unix and Unix Utilities for the Macintosh

Lest I be accused of heresy:
The Unix Haters' Handbook, preface, and info.


information on Human-Computer Interaction

Unix for the Macintosh

A/UX - Apple's Unix
Apple's A/UX support FTP site, Jim Jagielski's archive of useful A/UX stuff and an archive from

MachTen - a commercial Unix implementation for Macintoshes
From Tenon Intersystems
Also a mailing list.

MacBSD - a free BSD port (Still young; only runs on older Macs; X windows support only in B&W on SE, IIcx, and select others)

The 68k port appears to be dead. There is information about a PowerMac port, but I would not hold my breath.

See also: OpenMac

X-Windows software:

See also:

Macintosh Application Environment
run Macintosh applications on your Sun (Solaris 2.x) or HP/UX workstation.

"Unix" Utilities for the Mac

See also Mac Internet Software for various network clients and servers.

My Unix Resources might also be of interest.

MacGzip Home Page

Two standouts in the field: UULite 1.7 which can do smart decoding, and can encode (shareware); and UUUndo which can do smart decoding but not encoding, makes for a great "helper" (freeware).

UnZip and the outstanding ZipIt
Okay, so not really a Unix format, but since it is installed on many machines, people are used to it from a Unix environement.

SunTar 2.05

Chris Johnson's version or Mark Malson's version.

Postscript viewer Mac port of Ghostscript

Also check out the MacPerl mailing list, MacPerl Q&A and MacPerl Manual (Texinfo version).
And the Perl MetaFAQ.

Tcl an embeddable port of TCL 7.3 to the Macintosh (README)
There is also tickle, "a weird mixture of file utilities (such as BinHex), tcl scripting support, and general utility application. However, with this release it now also becomes an OSA script development environment" and OSA Tcl, a Tcl interface to AppleScript.

Tcl is used as the scripting/extension language in the Alpha text editor.

There is a MacTCL mailing list.

Also note that John Ousterhout's new TCL/TK group at Sun will be porting TCL/TK to the Macintosh in the near future.

Emacs (NOTE: MacBinary format)
And micro emacs 3.10

Vim and Stevie
vi clones

Also a Python Web Page

There are several alternatives. OzTeX offers a good package for a small shareware fee and is generally the one people recommend. There is also CMacTeX and Sweet-TeX. You probably also want to pick up the freeware spelling checker Excalibur and the Alpha. text editor (has macros for TeX).

Textures is a commercial product, for information. A support archive does exist.

GNU Awk 2.11 for MPW

GNU patch, diff, and rcs.
All require GMZ libraries

"Find inclosed a version for macintosh of Gnuplot 3.5."
Also a GNUPlot Web Page.

Grep functionality is available through two text editors: BBEdit and Alpha.

Bison for MPW or GNU Bison 1.22: "This is a minimal port of the GNU YACC-compatible parser generator Bison, version 1.22, for Symantec's THINK C 6.0. A compiled application is included."

"This is GNU Flex version 2.4.6 compiled in Symantec C++ 6.0. Flex is the GNU lex-compatible lexical analyzer. This version is a minimal port to the Macintosh - the only changes were to call ccommand() in main() to get the command-line arguments... A compiled application is included...Full documentation is included."

"This is the mac port of GNU gdbm-1.7.3 database manager."

DropStuff with ExpanderEnhancer
This shareware extension to StuffItExpander handles zipped, gziped, and compressed files.

Grand Unified Socket Interface

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