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The following are a bunch of resources (books/magazines) that are not in any particular order. Their inclusion in this list is not to be construed as an endorsement in any way. The descriptions that sometime accompany the references are the opinion of the original author of the post whose name does not appear due to poor planning.

Nonfiction Books

Mastering Tactics: A Tactical Descision Game Workbook
by Maj John F. Schmitt, USMCR

To order send a check or money order to:

Marine Corps Association Book Service P.O. Box 1775 Quantico, VA 22134

For VISA, MC, Discover, and American Express credit cards call: 1-800-336-0291. Member $11.95; Non-member $14.95 plus $2.00 shipping.

This innovative book includes 15 tactical decision games from the squad to the brigade level and corresponding discussions about possible solutions. The book, designed to illustrate the Marine Corps' Maneuver Warfare doctrine, also includes maps, appendices on military terminology, map symbols, equipment and organizations, and an index of tactical concepts.

TacOps Battlebook
Arsenal Publishing, Inc.

We've begun work on the TacOps Battlebook. Modeled loosely after our Utah Beach Battlebook (Arsenal Publishing, 1994), half this 352-page book will focus on TacOps-specific modern combined arms strategy and tactics, and half the book will present comprehensive comparative weapon analysis. We will give everyone more details as work progresses, but it is safe to say that this book will be a "force multiplier" for anyone playing TacOps PBEM or head-to-head.

Jim DeGoey (
TacOps Project Manager

The Art of Maneuver
by Robert Leonhard

Fighting by Minutes: Time and the Art of War
by Robert Leonhard
Praeger Publishers, 1994

Soviet Weapons/Tactics

Weapons and Tactics of the Soviet Army
by David C. Isby.

Every modern wargamer should have this book. It is current, thick, and has lots of photos. I can not recommend it enough. It can not often be found on the shelf of a popular bookstore, but I am sure they could order it for you.

Soviet Airland Battle Tactics
by William Baxter

Red Thrust
by Steven Zaloga.

US Weapons/Tactics

Iron Soldiers
by Tom Carhart

by Rick Atkinson

Armor Attacks
by John Antal

Tank Attack: A Primer of Modern Tank Warfare
by Steven Zaloga

Desert Storm Ground War
by Hans Halberstadt

From Shield to Storm
by James Dunnigan.

Armored Cav
by Tom Clancy

For TACOPs Fans it appears helpful in that it has some anaylsis (by others besides Clancy) on Desert Storm and goes into some detail on the weapon systems that we see in TacOps (M1, Javelin, etc.). One question that I have for the TacOps crowd is that if they read the book, how accurate do they think it is and how relevant is it to TacOps Play. I know in his previous Non- fiction book on Submarines Clancy had several errors, both in weapon systems and tactics.

Certain Victory: US Army in the Gulf War
by BrigGen Scales

Fiction Books

The next titles are fiction paperbacks but for modern weapons and tactics info they are better than a lot of nonfiction works.

Team Yankee
Sword Point
Bright Star

by Harold Coyle

Red Storm Rising
by Tom Clancy.

As far as taking scenarios from the novel Red Army (one of my favorites and proof Tom Clancy is not the best of his genre), most of the combat involves Soviet forces against British and German forces, and perhaps a little Dutch. American forces are dealt with only brielfy, and to top it off, the author doesn't include orders of battle or tactical maps. (How dare he not cooperate, huh?) One work of fiction that would provide an excellent pool for scenarios is The Defense of Hill 781, by Jim McDonough, a colonel in the US Army (and currently in charge of American forces in Rwanda). A Ranger colonel dies from eating too many MREs (entirely possible), and is sent to Purgatory, which is a metaphor for the NTC. To prove himself worthy of going to Heaven he must command a mechanized task force (2 companies M1s, 2 Companies M2s, plus battalion assets) and do battle against the OPFOR, modeled on a Soviet motor- rifle regiment. Strictly an infantryman in life, the colonel has only the barest knowledge of how to fight with a heavy battalion, and is forced to learn the hard way. (Good for the reader, not good for him.) Each chapter is a battle--"Dawn (First) Attack", "Defense in Sector", "Deliberate Attack", "Battle Position Defense", etc. Complete maps and orders of battle included. Reading each chapter is like watching a TacOps battle unfold. It ain't "War in Peace" (or The War in 2020 for Ralph Peters fans) but it's a lot of fun.



Military Digest

Naval Institute Proceedings

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