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Tacops Scenario Guide

Last revised: November 17, 1994

This is an attempt at seeming like a useful guide for the less than veteran TacOps player. This work is written by players for players and it has absolutely nothing to do with TacOps personnel or Arsenal Publishing Inc. other than being a helpful hint/guide/equipment list for the game.

This equipment/hint guide is a list of the major ground systems which are used in TacOps. It is not a history lesson or detailed statistical analysis. If it's statistics you want, then TacOps has a good database for each and every unit type included in the game, armor values as well as weapons capabilities are listed there as well.

This guide is also numbered according to which version of TacOps is readily available. This version is set for TacOps 0.0.1 and then next will be for version 0.0.2, etc.

US Forces

60mm Mortar

This weapon is a small to medium caliber infantry support weapon. If you don't know what it is already, you're in the wrong place.<grin> The 60mm is best when used in large number against a single target. When split into the smallest sub-unit, don't expect to achieve a lot of results in a short period of time. It does lay down a good smoke screen and is most often used by many players in such a manner.


This is the Marine Corps' amphibious assault vehicle. It can't take much in the way of hits in combat, but it does carry a lot of grunts in its cargo bay. It's armed with a .50cal and a Mk19 grenade launcher. It has some significant upgrades planned for it in the near future. Currently, testing is being done on a newer AAV built on an M1 chassis. If you want to make a river crossing, this is the taxi to do it in. If you want to trade shots with a T-80, then bring lots of bodybags for the grunts.

AH-64 AT

If this is not the very best attack helo in existence, then it runs a close second. With 16 Hellfire ATGMs you'll blast any OFPOR long as you fly it smart. Use the 15 second pop-up attack to great effect, but move after each firing. Don't get too close to any OPFOR unit though, as concentrated small arms can bring it down...I've had a single AK-74 shot bring down one in a scenario [though this is a rare occurrence].

AH-64 GP

This is slightly less effective against tanks, but it can do the job as well. Having 2 Stinger missiles onboard give it the ability to fend off OFPOR air attacks against helos.


USMC transport helo. Don't get anywhere near OPFOR with this one. Either you get your men in and then get it out or you'll lose it.


Same as the CH-46.


This big fellow can do a lot. Some of its capabilities are not yet represented in TacOps, i.e. the ability to lift a LAV. Don't count on it to survive a fusillade of gunfire and you should do well.

AH-1 Cobra

Any Vietnam vet will remember this guy. The newest version of this old attack helo is high powered and up gunned. It is not as capable as the Apache, but it does well in supporting the infantry. Has almost no armor and doesn't last long if it gets near enemy units.

Dragon2 ATGM

The current man portable Anti-tank missile in use by the US Army. It is scheduled to be replaced by the Javelin ATGM sometime this next year or so. It will take out most anything OPFOR has, but flank and rear shots against T-80s are almost required.


The "Hummer" is the vehicle which replaced the old Willys Jeep [and M151 MUTT] of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. By itself, it won't last more than one good 12.7mm shot. The best this vehicle has to offer is its versatility. Often used to speed scouts to the front and then die horribly.

HMMWV Mortar Carrier

This hummer carries a single 81mm mortar in the back. It can move fast and get to where it's needed. The 81mm tube is a bit more effective than the 60mm, but still, is best used large numbers.

HMMWV Air Defense

This version mounts the splendid Stinger missile and carries 12 of them in total.


This carries a 12.7mm (.50cal) machine-gun and is used to support infantry. The biggest advantage to this version of the hummer is that it can reach out and kill OPFOR APCs with direct fire. Don't count on it to survive past the first few shots, however.


The 7.62 machinegun (M60) on this vehicle is a mockery. Sure, it can be a small help against just infantry and BTRs but that's it . They make great decoys and general purpose targets in TacOps.

HMMWV w Mk19

This baby packs a wallop. The Mk19 auto-grenade launcher is a significant support weapon for infantry. The reason it's in a hummer as it's too darn heavy for grunts to pack around. This can easily score kills on BTRs as well as BMPs. Use it wisely and you'll be able to keep it long enough to use against infantry targets.


The 6 TOW ATGMs on this vehicle make it worthy of being on the battlefield. It can kill any tank from any angle. Much like a WWII battlecruiser, it has the hitting power of the big boys and the armor of an aluminum can.

INF Squad

13 men, USMC rifle squad, a SAW (squad automatic weapon) and a M203 grenade launcher rounds out the basic grunt unit in the US armed forces. You need grunts to hold ground, but they are apt to die quickly when caught in the open. When in entrenched, these boys can (and often do) hold their own against a least for a short time.

Inf Scout Team

2 men and a radio...these guys find the enemy and hide. They are not assault units by any means. They make great OP's (observation post) when stuck sitting somewhere with their range reduced to zero. If they don't move, they can't be spotted over 100 meters. Place them in defilade in woods, urban, and rough terrain, set the range bar to 100 meters, and they can effectively ambush and destroy even the strongest of tanks.

Infantry Team

4 men, Typically carried as a dismount team in a USMC LAV25 in the USMC Light Armored Infantry Battalion. Don't expect them to survive more than 3 minutes when actually in contact with the enemy.

Infantry Team

6 men, a SAW, and a M203. Add a Dragon or Javelin team and you have the standard US Army squad that travels in a Bradly. [Don't forget, the infantry squads and teams have AT4 anti-tank weapons. Not to be confused with the OPFOR AT4 Spigot ATGM]

Javelin ATGM

At 2,000 meters, it has twice the range of the Dragon2. Better accuracy and armor penetration. This will kill anything it hits or at least do significant damage to it. When used in large numbers, these things are better than M1s for killing enemy tanks. The 2 man team that carries these babies around won't survive long under fire though.


This vehicle is the USMCs version of a scout car. The 25MM chaingun will kill infantry and lightly armored vehicles quite well. It carries the 4 man Inf Team inside. Almost every weapon used by OPFOR will kill this vehicle. It is NOT a tank nor is it a TOW armed Bradley. It's fast and fun, but don't get carried away in a charge.


12 Stingers and a 25mm gatling gun make this a threat to any OPFOR helo or aircraft. Not a bright thing to expose it to ATGM or tank fire.


This doesn't actually exist just as yet. It is an assault gun version and that means it has a 105mm main gun. Not much use against a modern main battle tank, but it is very effective against OFPOR APCs.


16 TOW missiles and more armor makes this a better vehicle than the hummer version. That doesn't mean this thing will live any longer, but it can "reach out and touch someone".

LAV 25 Mortar Carrier

Designed to give the LAV mounted infantry some small arty support, this vehicle can keep up with the grunts. It has an 81mm tube with 94 rounds. Just like all of the other mortars, use it in large numbers to get some good results.

155mm SP Hwtzr

With a range of almost (but not quite) 20 kilometers, this baby can shoot. If you want direct arty support this is the unit to do it. You can give it orders exactly like the off map arty OR you can put it in harm's way and it'll shoot directly at anything it sees. Not as effective a tank destroyer though, it can't handle the front armor of a T-72 or T-80.

M113 APC

Next to useless, this vehicle has been almost completely replaced by the Bradley. Too tall to avoid being seen at a distance and too thin skinned to survive anything but small arms. If, as the US player, you find yourself winning all the time, substitute these for your Bradleys.

M125 Mortar Carrier

A M113 with an 81mm tube. This version carries 114 rounds for the mortar. Don't move it unless you have to as it'll attract attention. Just place it well and then fire away.

M1A2 Tank

If infantry is the Queen of battles, then this baby is the King. The main gun will kill anything it hits out to 3200 meters, though the effective range at which it will consistently hit targets is around 2100 meters. It is nearly safe from anything not specifically designed to kill it....unfortunately, OPFOR has a number of weapons which are specifically designed to kill it.

M2 Bradley

Designed to carry 7 grunts along side a M1A2 formation the Bradley is a good vehicle. The TOW missile makes this a threat to any armored vehicle and the 25mm chaingun is no slouch against APCs or infantry. However, leaving the grunts onboard after meeting the enemy is inviting disaster as it can't survive anything bigger than a 12.7mm machine gun from the front.

M3 Bradley

This scout version carries an Infantry Scout Team and 5 more TOWs than the M2. Best used from ambush after dropping off the scouts in a forward position.

M60 MG Team

4 men and a machine gun. A good unit to support other, larger, infantry units. It can also kill APCs at a distance.


The latest version of the USMC's old MBT. Undergunned and with less armor than a T-72 makes this vehicle a dinosaur. If the US player finds himself constantly winning he could trade in his M1s for M60A3s and humble himself.

M901 ITV

An M113 with a number of TOW missiles. Less than the best, but it can do well when getting off the first shot.

OH-58 Kiowa AT

A scout helo with an identity crisis. It carries 2 Stingers and 4 Hellfire missiles. When in need send for an Apache...when really desperate this thing will be of some help.

OH-58 GP

A true scout helo. 2 Stingers will help keep OPFOR helos away, but it's only other purpose is to find SAM units and ZSU-23s the hard way. A small boy with a slingshot could knock this outta the sky, but it is a good scout. Pop-up attacks will keep it alive longer than staying at altitude.


2 men with SMAW anti-tank weapons. These are best used from a previously unseen position. They can kill tanks out to 500-600 meters, but they usually die in the return fire.

Stinger SAM

This 2 man team is death to helos and fixed wing aircraft. The Soviets hated them in Afghanistan [271 aircraft kills] and they deserve their reputation. If seen, they'll die quickly, but when hidden, they can help to keep off air strikes.


This 4 man team is even better than a Javelin team. The range [3700 meters] is almost double that of a Javelin and almost 4 times that of a Dragon2. One shot, one kill....very nasty.


This can carry 16 men...I don't know why you'd WANT to bring it to play with OPFOR, but if you do, don't show it to the enemy.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Best used to spot for arty. It's hard to kill from a distance due to its small size. Don't get it too close or the infantry will blaze away at it. [You'll miss it when it's gone.]

UH-60 Blackhawk

The US Army transport helo. It can carry 11 men, but full squads somehow find a way to fit in.


2S 120mm SP [for clarity, this might be extended to "Self-Propelled" in all cases] Mortar

This is an enclosed 120mm mortar tube in a turreted BMP chassis. VERY effective in large numbers its weakness is light armor. This WILL fire during the combat phase if it has no fire orders and spots an enemy unit.

122mm SP Hwtzr

This is the medium heavy arty support for OPFOR. It can dish out some damage but it's not the best for it. Light armor also plagues this beast.

2S22 120mm SP Mortar

This is almost exactly the same as the BMP version except it's mounted on a turreted BTR chassis. A .50cal round will often eliminate this vehicle.

152mm SP Hwtzr

This does best when firing against troops in the open. It CAN penetrate the rear armor of an M1. The trick is to survive that long. Thin armor doesn't allow this guy to show his nose on the field.

AGS17 Team

The OPFOR version of the US Mk19. This will kill any APC from almost any angle. Count on it to be a threat to Bradleys and LAVs. The infantry crew will die messily.

AT4 Spigot

A good bet that this will kill an M1 with no problem. Range of 2500 meters makes it better than the Javelin except in accuracy.

AT7 Saxhorn

With a range of 1500 meters and the same penetration as the AT4 one wonders why there are two missiles. Speed is the answer. The Saxhorn is fast enough to kill a vehicle at its extreme range. The Spigot is slower and the firer can be killed before the missile reaches the target.


This unit type is not represented on the map, yet. It makes up the 122mm MRL that one finds as arty support from off the map. When firing together, a battalion will clear a grid square of almost anything less protected than an M1.


An IFV with a 30mm cannon and the AT5 ATGM. Sounds much like the US Bradley. It carries a squad of 8 men and doesn't live longer than the time it takes to drop them off. Thin armor (is there an echo?) keeps this guy from living longer than the first ATGM shot. Entrench it and it'll live longer.


The US doesn't have a comparable vehicle. This one not only has the 30mm cannon and the AT10 ATGM, but it has a 100mm main gun as well. It carries that standard 8 man squad and it has exactly the same armor as the BMP2.


This four wheeled scout vehicle is a reminder of the early WWII infantry support tanks. Little armor and 2 machineguns (one of them is a 14.5mm) give this little offensive punch against anything but infantry or APCs.


The AT5 can kill you out to 5000 meters. Only the US Hellfire has a longer range. Even with the light armor, the BIG punch makes avoiding this guy a smart idea. BTR80: This eight wheeled vehicle is protected against small arms from the front. It carries the standard squad as well as a 14.5mm machinegun. An M60 has a good chance of killing it at close range, but M16's don't. Kill it with AT weapons just to be sure.

Mi28 Havoc

This is the OPFOR version of the Apache. It carries 16 AT5 ATGMs and a 30mm cannon. Kill it quickly as the US and use pop-ups as OPFOR. This is NOT the Apache, but it is almost as good.

Mi24 Hind

4 rocket pods and the 23mm cannon give this thing a large capability against APCs and infantry. It can also carry an 8 man squad. Avoid it unless you can shoot it down.

Inf Squad

8 man infantry squad. It doesn't have a grenade launcher, but it does have a large number of anti-tank weapons as well as a SAW. Don't get closer than 800 meters to it or your vehicles will pay the ultimate price. It CAN kill M1s if it gets a shot at the M1's flank or rear armor with it's RPG light antitank weapons.

Inf Team

This is the 6 man version of the above. It packs the same equipment and can still be nasty.


The OPFOR answer to the M60 [machine gun]. It can be quite a thorn if you get within 2 kilometers of it. The crew can die easily though.


This is a very nasty anti-aircraft weapon. It WILL kill helos and fixed wing aircraft with little difficulty. Luckily, the one man crew is quick to die when fired upon.

SPG9 Team

The 73mm recoilless rifle can kill tanks or APCs. An M1 is safe when showing it's front or flank. All other vehicles will die regardless of the angle. The 3 man crew is its weakness.

T72M Tank

Better than the M60A3 it can occasionally kill an M1. In an extreme range shooting match it'll die.

T80U ATGM Tank

A T80 armed with an AT11 Sniper ATGM. This is a match for the M1 in firepower. At 5000 meters it will kill anything. Always best to approach it in smoke.

T80U Tank

Missing the ATGM this tank has a serious problem in facing a number of M1s. Still, it is a good tank and it will hold its own.

TFO Tank

This vehicle doesn't actually exist as yet. It is the future OPFOR tank. It has the armor of an M1 with a bigger gun. Quite nasty.


Another hold-over from WWII. It can move around a number of grunts, but not in the open as it will die.


Exactly the same as the US equivalent.


This was designed as an anti-aircraft weapon and it is quite effective at its job. Four 23mm cannon gives this guy an effective rate of fire. Any helos should avoid this thing and fixed wing air strikes are at risk if this is around. Thin armor is still a problem, but it can also kill infantry too.


This is a fixed position weapon. It has two barrels and isn't nearly as effective as it's tracked brother.

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