Renovation! Watch for falling links! Renovation!

Almost everything was written by I. L. Holdridge, the creator of TacOps. I take absolutely no credit for anything thing of use in here. The only thing I can be accused of is some light editing to cut down on the amount of header information and the correcton of whatever spelling errors I noticed. Due to time constraints and poor planning, I did not usually record the original writer of a message. I apologize if this offends anyone.

All material, except where explictly noted, can be assumed to have come from the America OnLine TacOps message board archives up to the date 1/7/95. If you want information newer than that your are on your own.

WARNING! I did not correlate anything in here with the newest TacOps errata. There may be inconsistencies, there may not, it's anybody's guess.

I hope this creation proves useful to someone as it took me quite a while to do. It's not quite what I'd would have done if I had more time or energy. If I had those things there would have been pictures and maybe sounds and definitely a much better (slicker) organization --- that's the one thing that really bothers me. I would also like to have added the ability to do searches or possibly forms but that would require way more time than currently have.

Scott Christensen (preferred) (if you must)

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