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Macintosh Recreation

See also: Macintosh Humor, Macintosh: The Final Frontier: Star Trek items for the Mac, and Totware: Games for youngsters

I am going to try an organization based upon the existing Mac Games newsgroups. Feedback appreciated, though sorry if I do not have time to respond personally.

Classic Mac Games

Suggestions welcome!

Newsgroup for discussion of Macintosh action games


Ambrosia Software
(Makers of Maelstrom, Chiral, Apeiron, and Swoop)

First-person Shoot-'em-ups

Bolo Home Page and Guides
A tank game in which you play over the network against human opponents

Dark Castle, one of the all-time classics! (Now in color...)
A Dark Castle Demo is available. There is also a Darak Castle FAQ

Newsgroup for discussion of Macintosh adventure games

Ultima III
A new Macintosh port of the original

Scarab of Ra

Card Games

Solitaire Till Dawn
Offers twenty-six varieties of solitaire!

Eric's Ultimate Solitaire

Flight Simulators for Macintosh
Newsgroup for discussion of Macintosh flight simulators

There are many fine pages on Macintosh flight simulators, so I shall just cover the highlights here, and direct you to them for more information.

Kittyhawk Software
"The Greatest Paper Airplanes" shareware program; provides a brief bibliography too

Strategy Games
Newsgroup for discussion of Macintosh strategy games

A modern land-based warfare tactical simulator, with opportunities to play against the computer or another human (via net, modem, or mail). Extremely educational; written by a retired USMC Major.

Spaceward Ho!

Strategic Conquest

Harpoon from Three-Sixty
Well, Harpoon offers lots of promise, especially the new Harpoon II, however Three-Sixty

Frequently Asked Questions

Walkthroughs (Solutions)

Newsgroup for discussion of Macintosh game topics that do not fit elsewhere

Resources for playing head-to-head via modem (usually over the Internet)

Info-Mac/Game courtesy of the HyperArchive
Don't forget to check out the Commercial area for demos and patches

Other Web Sites

Mac Game Resources on the Internet
Part of Christina Schulman's FAQ (the definitive resource)

The Entertaining Macintosh: E.M. at U.K. Home or E.M. at U.S. mirror
A most impressive collection!

Timo Eloranta's Mac Games page (Finland)

Macintosh Entertainment Software (Australia)

Cult of Macintosh games page

GamesDomain: GD at U.K. Home or GD at U.S. mirror
An attempt to provide references to all gaming material on the web, though unfortunately a thankless task which shows in the lack of depth.



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