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OpenDoc: Mailing Lists

"CI Labs provides a number of email lists with discussions specific to CI Labs technologies, requirements for additional technologies, and component software in general.

The following CI Labs lists are open to the public:

READ-ONLY list with announcements regarding Component Integration Laboratories (CI Labs).

Open forum for non-technical discussion of CI Labs plans and charter.

READ-ONLY list with announcements of broad interest regarding OpenDoc.

Open forum for discussing OpenDoc, CI Labs' compound document architecture, and related document architecture discussions.

The OpenDoc-HI mailing list is intended to be a mechanism for developers to communicate with the OpenDoc Human Interface design team and other developers.

READ-ONLY list with announcements of broad interest regarding Bento.

Open forum for discussion of Bento, a persistent object storage format.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to a list, send the following command in first line (not on the "Subject:" line!) of the body of an email to ListProc@CIL.ORG:
    subscribe <list name> <your name>
(without the brackets).

For example: subscribe BENTO-ANNOUNCE

The line following the your request may need to say "end" to prevent confusion if your mailer adds a signature to your message.

After ListProc@CIL.ORG processes your request, you will receive a "Welcome" message that will give you more information on the list, and information on other resources that might be available to you.

Private Lists

CI Labs has a number of private lists oriented toward technical specifications and/or implementation issues. These lists require a non-disclosure agreement and/or a software license. For more information, contact

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