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OpenDoc for Windows DR1 Now Available!

OpenDoc Intro Course

The OpenDoc project has been awarded Byte's Award of Distinction for 1994! Congratulations!

See also CILabs, information from Apple, and OpenDoc Resource Links

OpenDoc is the cross-platform, compound document architecture that Apple and other notable companies are developing. They formed Component Integration Laboratories to carry out the work and govern the standard. (Background Information.)

As a Macophile this page is intended as a one-stop evangelism center for references to OpenDoc information. Text descriptions are just my understanding of the current situation and thus should be taken with a grain of salt.

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"OpenDoc is an open compound document architecture that is system independent and highly extensible. It is being implemented on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, and Unix systems. It builds on industry standards such as the CORBA specification for distributed object management."

The most recent technical documents may be found on the Developer Release distributions.

OpenDoc overview: Postscript (122K), Rich Text (154K), or Ascii (24K).
Also compressed Postscript slides (668K).

Also relevant are Apple's Bento as the persistent storage mechanism, IBM's System Object Model for distributed objects, and Apple's Open Scripting Architecture as a scripting framework.


"Bento is a portable object storage library and format that allows OpenDoc to store and exchange of compound documents and multimedia. Documents stored in Bento are platform independent and can be accessed independently of the applicationthat creates them.

A library for reading and writing Bento is available in source code form from Apple. The library is highly efficient, platform- independent, and very portable. Bento is in use on many platforms including Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, and various flavors of Unix.

To get more information on the Bento library, send email to"

Brief introduction to Bento

Bento design overview

Version 1.0d5 of the Bento specification (PS)

System Object Model

OpenDoc alpha documentation indicated that the Macintosh implementation would rely upon the Code Fragment Manager.

SOM Reuse Reality (Based on article in First Class)

SOM vs. COM Comparison

SOM vs. COM Summary

SOM 2.0 Developer's Tool Introduction

SOM 2.0 Overview

SOM 2.0 Technical Overview (7/12/94?) (1.6 Mb Postscript)
also available as a 810Kb PDF file.
(AcrobatReader for the PDF files.)

Open Scripting Architecture

A non-CIL collection of information.

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