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Macintosh Network Resources from Apple

A Brief History of Apple
Mac OS
and Apple System Software Technologies

Apple's Informational Web Server
Includes Apple Software Updates, Press Releases, and a smorgasbord.

Apple Fax Support Docs
"These are the same technical support documents that are available from the FaxBack system at 800-SOS-APPL"

Product Information Sheets
(In Acrobat format; viewer is available.)

Apple Product Support Team Home Pages
Links to pages for specific categories of products such as PowerMacs, PowerBooks, Quadra/Centri, System Software, Printers/Peripherals, and Networking/Communications

Apple Competitive Information
Proof that Macs are better than all the rest.

Apple Tech Info Library
"The Tech Info Library is Apple's database of technical issues." You can search the TIL using supplied keywords or your own search string.

Usenet News Archives run by Apple for our benefit.
Index includes the previous 12 months of Mac news articles.

Apple Windows Clients

Macintosh Application Environment
run Macintosh applications on your Sun (Solaris 2.x) or HP/UX workstation.

Apple List Processor Server
Subscribe to one of Apple's informational mailing lists!

Apple Technical Updates
Provided by Johns Hopkins Medical Institution Mac User's Group.

Apple Information Alley
Provided by Johns Hopkins Medical Institution Mac User's Group.

Apple Business Systems' Support FTP site
Includes information on AppleSearch, AppleShare, ARA, DAL, and SNAps.

Apple Education and Apple's K-12 Educational Support

QuickDraw GX Home Page

Apple's Cambridge Research Laboratory
Home of Dylan and Macintosh Common Lisp

The Apple Virtual Campus (Apple Higher Ed)

Developer seed information
The grandaddy of them all.

Apple's A/UX FTP Site
Basically just has some patches.

User groups with Web sites.

Related Companies/Products

Newton Product Support
(and NewtNews

Component Integration Laboratories brings you OpenDoc

Apple's on-line service.

Kaleida Labs
Apple's spinoff with IBM for a cross-platform multimedia scripting language/environment.

Taligent Inc.
Apple's spinoff with IBM for the Object-Oriented operating system of the future.

TeleScript information
Telescript is from General Magic, but I cannot seem to find a general magic presence.

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