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Ray Dream Discussion

I am pleased to announce the creation of an Internet mailing list for discussion of 3d graphics, rendering, etc., primarily for users of programs from Ray Dream, Inc. (This includes Ray Dream Designer - a 3d modeling/rendering package, JAG and JAG II - anti-alias and image enhancement software, and AddDepth - 3d type tools. All are currently available for Macintosh computers.)

I've included subscription info below; if you should decide to subscribe, *please* read and save the 'Welcome' message. Following the instructions included will help save a lot of trouble should you later decide to unsubscribe or change your subscription prefs.

If you are interested in other discussion of Ray Dream products, there is also a forum on American On-Line which sees a fair bit of activity and I believe also supports a file area.


This list is devoted to discussion of 3d modeling and rendering, graphics design and editing, and related topics, focusing on products developed by Ray Dream, Inc.

To subscribe to raydream-l, send the following command via electronic mail to

        subscribe raydream-l  firstname lastname
Where "firstname" is your first name and "lastname" is your last name.

If you have any questions about raydream-l, contact John T. Chapman, the list owner, at

If you have any questions about the CIT list server, contact the list server manager, at

-John T. Chapman
Office of Computing and Statistical Consulting
Cornell University - College of Human Ecology

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