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Macintosh Application Environment Discussions

Apple has created three LISTPROC mailing lists to support Macintosh Application Environment (MAE) users: (moderated)
Information and MAE-announcements from Apple. For people who want to keep informed about the product. (unmoderated)
Informal discussion forum for users to post questions, answers, hints, and other information about the product. (unmoderated)
To send bug-reports and other MAE-feedback; not a replacement for regular Apple Engineering support channels, but meant to facilitate informal user feedback to Apple. MAE-BUGS submissions may receive replies from Apple, but this cannot be guaranteed.

To subscribe to the list(s) send an email message to the address

leave the Subject line of your e-mail message empty (else it will be rejected) and enter your LISTPROC commands as message text.

For more information on using LISTPROC, send the command HELP

Apple is also setting up an MAE folder on the FTP-site FTP.SUPPORT.APPLE.COM

More details will be made available on MAE-ANNOUNCE when this is fully functional. The FTPable files will also be available through the LISTPROC's file server functions; instructions for using that feature will be made available on MAE-ANNOUNCE at a later time.

If you have any questions, please contact the address MAE-SUPPORT@MEDRAUT.APPLE.COM

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