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Mac Managers Discussion

Mac-Mgrs is a mailing list for the discussion and dissimenation of information relating to or affecting Macintosh Managers. That is, anyone who is in charge of configuration, management or otherwise involved in the maintenance of Macintosh systems and/or networks. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussions and post questions.

This list is a successor to the mac-mgr list that I started 3 years ago at Clark University, but that I was forced to abandon due to circumstances beyond my control. I unfortunately lost my previous list of addresses (which was upward of 250) so we need to start from ground zero.

Depending on the amount of interest the list generates this time around I will develop an FAQ and set up an FTP site containing relevant files.

The list is managed using Majordomo software.

The following are the commands used to send messages and to subscribe to the list.

Messages to the list should be mailed to:

To subscribe to the list, send the command:
        subscribe mac-mgrs
in the body of a message to

If you have problems subscribing, send the word help in the body of the message to If you are still having problems, send a message to, and let us know what the problem is.

To unsubscribe to the list, send the command:

        unsubscribe mac-mgrs
in the body of a message to To receive information about the list (this file), send the command:
        info mac-mgrs
in the body of a message to

To find out about the other list commands, send the command:

in the body of a message to

Mac-Mgrs is lives on The World at Software Tool & Die. Software Tool & Die is a commercial provider of Internet services with local numbers in eastern Massachusetts and metro Boston (617.739.9753, 14.4k 8N1). The World is also accessible via telnet at

We hope that you enjoy this list and that it will prove useful!

-Juan A. Pons
List Moderator

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