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MMDEVX - AMK/ScriptX Discussion List

MMDEVX is a mailing list for people interested in crossplatform multimedia development tools in general and Apple Media Kit (AMK) and Kaleida ScriptX in particular.

Apple's Media Tool and Media Tool Programming Environment promise to be a good multimedia authoring environment. Kaleida Labs - an Apple/IBM joint venture - is about to release beta ScriptX code, an object oriented platform independent multimedia development and delivery tool. AMT is expected to be compatible with ScriptX in the near future, though this is not a certainty at the moment.

If you are currently working with AMT/AMTPE or intend to do so and you are curious about ScriptX and want to talk about issues concerning these, this list is for you.

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-Gess Shankar
MMDEVX List Administrator
MMDEVX: AMK/ScriptX Discussion List (Created on April 20, 1994)
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