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or, "Wonderful items from that Mac God, John Norstad"

(In Binhex format unless stated otherwise.)


Latest version: 3.7.1 (7/17/95) (3.6 Announcement)

Disinfectant is the best (and cheapest: free!) tool available for eradicating Macintosh viruses. It includes a small and unobtrusive init to protect yourself from all known Macintosh viruses; and built-in documentation, including the best source of information on Macintosh viruses, all in one program!

MPW C Disinfectant sample source code (everything except for anti-viral routines, from version 2.4 available. (No major changes through 3.7.1.)


Latest version: 2.1.2 (2/9/96) (2.0b1 Announcement) (history)

NewsWatcher is a free USENET News reader for the Macintosh. A major new version! See the announcement for more information, including links to documentation.

MetroWerks NewsWatcher source code is also available.

A Japanese version or a French version are also available.

MacTCP Switcher

Latest version: 1.1 (4/28/95)

"MacTCP Switcher is a utility program that makes it easy to save and quickly restore multiple MacTCP configurations. This is particularly useful for people who carry around a PowerBook and plug it into different network connections (e.g., SLIP or PPP at home and LocalTalk or Ethernet at work). MacTCP Switcher requires System 7.0 or later. A brief TeachText document is included." -- from John's release announcement

Think C 6.0.1 MacTCP Switcher source code is also available.

Mac Ph Client

Latest version: 1.2 (1/6/95)

Mac Ph is the Macintosh client for the Ph (UIUC CSO Nameserver) electronic phonebook system.

John has also written local documentation on how to use Mac Ph. (Also MS Word format.)

MPW C 3.2 Ph source code also available.

(John has also written a postcard document on how to use the Unix ph client (Also available as Microsoft Word format and text format.)

Local Docs

As stand-alone "PostCard" applications, with viewing and printing abilities built-in.

An overview of the Mac networking programs offered/supported here at Northwestern.

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