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Disinfectant 3.6 Announcement

April 7, 1995

Disinfectant 3.6 is a new release of our free anti-viral utility for the Macintosh.

Version 3.6 recognizes a new clone of the nVIR B virus which appears to have been explicitly created to bypass the checks in both the Disinfectant 3.6 application and in the Disinfectant 3.6 protection INIT. The clone is functionally identical to the original nVIR B virus and the other nVIR B clones. Disinfectant reports it as simply the "nVIR B" virus.

Disinfectant appears to be the only anti-viral software which has been affected by this new clone. The current versions of Virex, SAM, Rival, and Virus Detective all reportedly already detect the clone.

The new version also lets you use the Finder's "Get Info" command to increase Disinfectant's memory partition size. This is needed because programs with large CODE resources are becoming more common, and you sometimes need to give Disinfectant more memory to scan them.

You can also now use the Finder's "Get Info" command to give Disinfectant a custom icon if you wish.

Disinfectant checks itself every time you run the program to see if it has beem modified, damaged, or infected by a virus. This self-check has been enhanced in version 3.6 to permit changes to the memory partition size and icon information.

Disinfectant 3.6 is available now via anonymous FTP at:
The new release will also be available soon from most of the other popular sources of free and shareware software.

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