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Evil Microsoft Icons

This is an IMPORTANT NOTE for parents, teachers, and all RIGHT-THINKING people in the world. Our research at the Parent's Internet Resource Center has uncovered one of the most heinous, evil secrets of the computer industry, unknown to all but a few UNTIL NOW.

The icons for MICROSOFT WORD and MICROSOFT EXCEL contain hidden messages of a truly evil nature. The 1-bit, 32x32 pixel Macintosh icon for WORD, for example, when translated from binary into ASCII, contains the string "BILL GATES is the DEVIL. Worship Bill. Bill is our leader. Bill is evil." The EXCEL icon contains a similar string.

The icon templates for higher bit depths are even more insidious. If one reverses the data for the 8-bit 32x32 pixel icon for MICROSOFT WORD, and then attempts to play it with a Sun ULAW-format sound player at a 2-bit depth, one hears what appears to be the voice of Bill Gates himself saying "I am evil incarnate; worship me. You must follow me."

On the Windows side, the situation is even more heinous. If the data describing every possible icon for MICROSOFT WORD is combined, it forms a complete Windows screen saver module which, when run, bounces a pentagram around the screen.

Clearly, this evil activity must be stopped. To contribute to the cause of the PIRC, please send your check to:

   Parent's Internet Resource Center
   13552 Toidinami Road
   Racine, WI 54259

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