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Table of contents

     Moving on....
     The comp.sys.mac.oop.tcl daily digest
     The file and posting archive
     Searching the postings to the group
     Include code when asking for debugging help
     Advancing your understanding of TCL
     Random tips (UPDATED)
     A pointer based version of TCL
     General Macintosh programming information
     CrossPosting snippets to A.S.M encouraged...
     TCL programming information in print
     Reading URLs
     Maintaince of the FAQ

Subject: Moving on....
From: Andrew_Gilmartin@Brown.Edu

In the next few months I expect some changes that will reduce the amount
of programming I do and the amount of free time to support the TCL
network. I need to pass on not only the responsibilities for managing
this infrastructure, but also its home. The pass needs to be completed
by March '94.

To this end, I volunteers to take on the responsibility and home for the

+ The TCL source code archive. Igor Livshits (igorl@uiuc.edu) has
  volunteered his time and resources to maintain the archive.

- The TCL-Talk (now defunct) and comp.sys.mac.oop.tcl posting archive

- The daily digest of postings to comp.sys.mac.oop.tcl

- FAQ of comp.sys.mac.oop.tcl

Services that are not passed on by the end of March will, I regret, be

Subject: Introduction

The Think Class Library discussion group comp.sys.mac.oop.tcl is for
those interested in using Symantec's Think C and Think Pascal object-
oriented class library for Macintosh. Discussion topics include

*    class usage, design, and implementation

*    TCL bug reports, work-arounds, and fixes

*    TCL application development techniques

*    TCL development aids

TCL as used here should not be confused with the Tool Command Language
(aka "Tcl" and "tickle"). The Tool Command Language has its own News
group and FAQ.  The News group is comp.lang.tcl and the FAQ is kept at

Subject: The comp.sys.mac.oop.tcl daily digest

A daily digest of postings to comp.sys.mac.oop is available to those
without Netnews access. To subscribe to the digest send email to 
listserv@brownvm.bitnet or listserv@brownvm.brown.edu with the command

     subscribe tcl-dgst [firstname] [lastname]

Replace [firstname] [lastname] with your name. To unsubsribe send the 

     signoff tcl-dgst

If you would like to post to the group you can do so by sending email to


When emailing to the group do include a subject line. EMail without a
subject line is bounced.

If you have subscription problems send email to
Andrew_Gilmartin@brown.edu (or andrew@brownvm.bitnet).

Subject: The file and posting archive

There is an anonymous ftp TCL archive available at ftp.brown.edu in
the /pub/tcl directory. When logging in please use your email address
as the password.

The archive is organized by contributor and category. The current
organization is

contributors   Directories of contributors and their contributions.
               All other directories have their materials linked from

classes        Contributor classes and their documentation. Class
               filenames have the form "[class]-[vers]-[lang]-classes".

functions      Useful functions that support TCL programing (and 
               Macintosh programing in general. Functions have the from

tcl-core       Changes to the TCL core classes. Core change filenames
               have the form "[class]-[method]-[lang]-tcl-core". Changes
               affecting the whole class do not have a method specifier.

doc            Tutorials, style guides, etc.

examples       TCL technique examples.

misc           Useful TCL stuff.

new            Links to all new files added to the archive in the last

tcl-talk       Archive of the tcl-talk@brown.edu discussion list (now
               defunct) and the news group. The archive currently has 
               one file per message organized by year. Message 
               filenames have the form "[date].talk.[index]" or

NOTE: The "bugs" section has been removed. It was removed because it
had not been maintained and so was misleading. Search the posting archive 
for "bug" to get a list of reported bugs.

If you only have email access to the Internet, you can reach the TCL
archive via the FTP mail server at DEC. For example, to get a copy of 
the archive catalog send email to "ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com" with a body
text of

     connect ftp.brown.edu
     chdir pub/tcl
     get 00CATALOG

For more information about ftpmail send email to the same address with
"help" as the body text.

The archive is currently being moved to UIUC. During this move the
archive will not be modified. When the UIUC archive comes online a
notice will be posted to the group.

All files in the archive also now have a standard set of header fields. 
These fields are

     Name:         Name of the item
     Version:      Item's version number
     Category:     What archive category it falls under (ie class, 
                   function, example, etc.)
     Contributor:  Contributor's emil address 
     Date:         Date when the item was archived (form is YY-MM-DD)
     TCL-Version:  Version of TCL that item was designed/coded for
     TCL-Language: Language used (C, Pascal, C++)
     Copyright:    Any copyright restrictions

Where possible, please include in your file these fields with appropriate 

Do not redistribute Symantec's TCL source.

Subject: Searching the postings to the group

Postings to the old mailing list and the news group are archived and
indexed for full text searhing. The postings are archived in the
/pub/tcl/tcl-talk directory. Each postings is in its own file; all the
postings for one year are also available in a compressed tar file.

The postings can be searched using either WAIS or Gopher clients. The
WAIS source address is

		:database-name tcl-talk 
		:ip-name wais.brown.edu)

The Gopher link is

	Name=TCL posting archive

For more information about WAIS see the file URL= ftp://ftp.brown.edu
/pub/tcl/doc/using_wais. For more information about Gopher see the
file URL=