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The Northwestern Daily: September 18, 1995: Letter to the Editor

"Observatory Was Vital Educational Tool"

Northwestern University applied for and received a $300,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to turn Lindheimer Observatory into an undergraduate educational observatory. The NSF grant would have allowed for one-quarter of each entering class, including many non-science majors, hands-on experience with modern science research and discovery using the unique college campus resource of a 40-inch telescope. They also would have been able to experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of personal observations through a world-class telescope.

Now, after receiving the grant and hiring an astronomer to oversee its implementation, Northwestern has decided to demolish the observatory instead.

On the afternoon of Wednesday Septermber 13th, you can see what Northwestern thinks of education when they demolish the Lindheimer Observatory.

Top Six Missed Signs That Lindheimer Observatory Was Doomed

6) Observatory not included in the NUNet expansion.

5) Administration's refusal to house Chancellor Weber's office in Lindheimer.

4) EPA's refusal to add mutant (asbestos) Observatory spiders to endangered species list.

3) When parking spaces were added to the access road, non of the ones near Lindheimer reserved for the handicapped.

2) Kellogg's announcement of a new recreational facility with squash courts, stairmasters, and a rotating restaurant with a great view.

1) The administration just does not give a sh*t!

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