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Lindheimer: Observatory Emeritus

The Lindheimer Astronomical Research Center was equipped with 16'' and 40'' telescopes, and was used for the last decade exclusively by undergraduate students enrolled in the Physics and Astronomy department's general education course Highlights of Astronomy.

Despite its education use, and a $300,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for development of interactive laboratories based upon student images obtained through the 40'', Northwestern University decided to tear the building down.

Alas, the Observatory, once a proud structure:

decided to put up a fight:

Video captures of the attempted demolition are available:
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Dedication: May 4, 1967

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The Daily Northwestern stories about Lindheimer's demise
(caeat emptor: The Daily does not always get their facts straight.)
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May 9, 1995
Lindheimer's Last Stand (September 15, 1995)
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