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"You see everything in black and white."
"Not black and white. Right or wrong."
-_Clear and Present Danger_ ("Truth needs a soldier")

Hi, my name is Robert Lentz, and I am a Webaholic with homepagitis

I am a Macophile and a Mac Guru.
Computers hold great potential as tools. Unfortunately most programs are written by people who see computers as a way of life instead of a tool, molding themselves to the computer instead of insisting that the computer mold itself to them. This is often reflected in a poor, sometimes non-existent, Human Interface.

I was born into the Space Age and am always gazing upward.
As part of this, since 1989 I have been a Senior Associate member of the Space Studies Institute.

I used to be a Boy Scout, now I am just a Romantic.
Oh, for an Enchanted Evening...

I am a bibliophile.
This always makes moving such a joy... now if only I did not have to sleep so I could get all my books read.

I am currently Cybertalk columnist for the Daily Northwestern.

Conjuction junction, what's your function?

My musical tastes are difficult to quantify...
My favorite pop artist is Peter Gabriel; I consider Passion to be his best work. I also like classical music and am trying to explore that area more. I am also trying to explore my jazz tastes (so far, it seems I lean towards the blues). Other artists I enjoy include: Sinead O'Connor, Vangelis, and I have recently (finally) discovered Kate Bush.

I bike to work...
...and most anywhere else.

While I can appreciate watching a good game, I would much rather be playing...
Sports I do play include: softball (a fast glove and good jump on the ball from third base), football (becoming a possession receiver), basketball (someone who actually knows how to play defense), ultimate (find me long), volleyball (yup, that is me on the floor), racquetball (on the floor for those tough shots again), and others.

Check out how my Luna Ticks are doing in the Simulated Basketball Association

"The power of accurate observation is called cynicism by those who have not got it." -- G.B. Shaw

I believe:

There is a hole in my head

Currently reading:
Fiction: The Chronicles of Amber
Non-fiction: The High Frontier

TV shows I will stop to watch:
Babylon 5, Deep Space Nine, Dennis Miller, Dinosaurs, The Critic, and of course the news. I was a Twin Peaks fan (through the good and the bad...)

My various subscriptions:
Scientific American, The New York Times (TimesFax), Air & Space Smithsonisan, Wilson Quarterly, Foreign Affaris, World Press Review, Space News, with many more interests...

The Young Scientists' Network

What twenty years of education will do to you (computer programming)

I am interested in meeting kindred souls...

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