CERN HTTPd 3.0 Patch

Rerferer & UserAgent Logging

I have modified CERN's HTTPd 3.0 to log the Referer and UserAgent fields sent by clients as part of HTTP. These fields are intended for maintenance usage. Note that not all clients send appropriate fields, especially the Referer field.

The information is logged, when running the new common log format, to files as defined by two new configuration directives: UseragentLog and RefererLog.

This patch (a context diff) modifies three files:

Code was added so that when doing a trace, the name of the two additional log files, as interpreted by the server, would also be noted.

Declared the strings to hold the names of the two new log files.

This handles the details, including opening, closing, formatting the log file names per the LogFileDateExt and writing out the information (note that Referer information is only written if the file is non-null).

1/14/95 - Robert Lentz (

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