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Parking Lots to Bicycle Racks

Parking Lots to Become Motor/Bicycle Only

In a press release today President Bienen indicated that due to overwhelming demand for parking spaces, the University would convert most of the current parking lots into giant bicycle racks.

"The parking situation has just become so unpredictable, you never know if you are going to get a parking spot or not," said President Bienen as he explained the rationale for the new policy. "By converting the lots to giant bicycle racks, with a few spaces for motorcycles, we can accomodate the transportation storage needs of many more people. This will also help to fulfill the demand for more bicycle racks."

For those who will be absolutely inconvenienced by this action, Bienen did mention that for now the parking lot opposite Tech would continue to accept cars. "Though, with all the people that have to use Tech, that is the largest concentration of need for bicycle spots, so in the near future that parking lot will probably be converted too," he warned. "And of course people can still park along the streets where permitted,"

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