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Altitude and Azimuth

Two coordinates specifications suffice to locate an object visible in the night sky: its altitude above the horizon and its azimuth (location on the circle of the horizon).

The altitude tells us how far above the circle of the horizon to look for an object, from zero to 90 degrees. An object sitting right on the horizon would have an altitude of zero degrees. An object straight up would have an altitude of 90 degrees.

The azimuth tells us what location on the circle of the horizon an object is above, from zero to 360 degrees. 0 degrees azimuth is due North. The measurement increases clockwise.

The altitude and azimuth readouts on the Hyakutake view provide a more precise readout than just degrees. They also provide the sub-degree incrments of minutes (') and seconds ("). For finding Hyakutake, this extra precision is unneeded, so just ignore it.

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